Cubase 7.5 302: Mastering Toolbox TUTORiAL

Cubase 7.5 302: Mastering Toolbox


Product specialist Matt Hepworth has assembled the best Cubase mastering course ever created. Get all the tools and techniques you need to make your tracks sound professionally mastered in this 33-tutorial, 2+ hour course.
Cubase is a mastering powerhouse. With its serious suite of dynamics, EQ and metering plugins you’ve got all the tools you need to become a “master” at mastering. But first, you’ve got to know what you’re doing. Who better to explain the mastering process and Cubase than the talented Matt Hepworth?! Matt’s been a Cubase power user since the beginning of Cubase recorded time and now he is focusing his vast teaching abilities on helping you understand the the often confusing and usually misunderstood art of mastering.

He starts off this course with a bit of mastering history. Why? Because it’s important to understand why mastering came about in the first place and how all the classic techniques have been adapted to today’s digitally driven listening experience.
From there he takes you deep into the Cubase’s amazing collection of plugins as he explains why, when and how to use them. This collection of tutorials is divided into 3 distinct sections based upon the result that you’re looking to achieve…

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Punchy, Shiny and Loud

He takes these audio descriptors and explains how to create them audio-wise giving you a strong foundation of the underlying audio fundamentals. Then there’s the big picture stuff like dithering, exporting and formats… Matt covers it all!

Simply put: This course rocks! Watch it. Learn form it. Use as your Cubase mastering reference for years to come!



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