Cubase Chord Track Explained TUTORiAL

Cubase Chord Track Explained


Cubase has an awesome feature called Chord Track which makes working with chords in your Project Window easy, and allows you to transform and harmonize functions throughout the Cubase application. Steinberg guru Mark Struthers makes understanding and using this powerful feature easy and fast!
Mark begins with a detailed introduction followed by how to edit and modify chords. Next he dives into using the Chord Assistant, showing you the different Modes and Types options. Live Transformers are then shown which enables you to transform chords played live into Cubase and more.

Next, Mark gets into Voicing Choices such as Piano or Guitar, followed by using External MIDI files and how to have them analyzed and transposed by Chord Track. Using MIDI loops with Chord Track is then looked at, and then how to create chords from MIDI. Mark then explains how to get Chord Track to figure out what chords are used in an external MIDI file, and how to build up a track around that new progression, as well as create harmonies.

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If you’re a Cubase user, you have to know all about this powerful compositional tool. You’ll learn a new way to analyze and compose new tracks for your productions and more… Watch “Cubase Chord Track Explained” today.


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