DAL PEDESTRIAN Inspiration & Creativity for Electronic Producers TUTORIAL


DAL PEDESTRIAN Inspiration & Creativity for Electronic Producers


As a producer you will know how often frustrating it can be to be stuck in a rut with your music. Only a few days ago you were writing something epic and now you represented as loopmonging where the outlook isn’t looking too bright. Sound familiar? In this tutorial Pedestrian shares his wonderful outlook on production with the group, giving you some great ideas on how to start that special spark in your music that could go on to write a beautiful sounding track. He also talks about the composition of his tracks in general, including the structure of the Giles Peterson favourite ‘Hei Poa’.

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Thoughtfully guiding you through the plugins he uses and techniques he adopts to get that vintage sound in his music, this talk is packed with ideas, inspiration and technical food for thought. Whether you make downtempo styles or not this video will broaden your horizons and without doubt help you to be a better producer, musician and artist.
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