Effect Plugins Explained Flash+Fixed TUTORIAL

Effect Plugins Explained Flash+Fixed


In this series of training videos you’ll learn the essential basics to properly and effectively use EQ, Compression, Delay and Reverb plug-ins in any recording program! We don’t just recite the textbook meaning of each knob and button, you’re going to see and hear each of these plug-in types used on Acoustic and Live Drums, Guitar, Bass and Vocals. The tutorials are shown in Ableton Live using Sonnox plug-ins as well as Live’s built-in effects, but the theories and techniques are timeless and work with any brand plug-in or device. Get a rock-solid foundation on the most important tools that pro’s use to make their mixes come to life and shine.

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Product Hightlights:
– 23 Tutorials / Almost 4 Hours Total Runtime
– For all users of any Recording Software or Effects Devices
– Tutorials written by effect device guru Craig McCullough
– Simple to use video control interface

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