G3 Halion 5 From Scratch to PTCH TUTORiAL


Halion 5 From Scratch to PTCH

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HALion 5 is the latest and greatest virtual sampling instrument from Steinberg, allowing for deep, complex PTCH and sound creation. Let Steinberg guru Mark Struthers take you on a trip to planet HALion, where you’ll learn how to wrap your mind around HALion 5’s design and make a killer PTCH from scratch!

Mark starts with a lesson on creating your first HALion PTCH, and demystifies the elements used to construct the finished PTCH. Then Mark shows you how to “zone out”, choosing from the different available zone types and then developing them further using oscillators and synth envelopes.
Next, Mark gives a deeper look into the HALion editors, additional oscillators such as noise and further filter adjustments. Adding effects is then explored, including how create effect busses, manage effect presets, combining multiple effects, doubling zones for richer sounds, using layers, the Modulation Matrix and more.

Mark the Release SONiTUS 10.2013

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Wrapping up your HALion journey, Mark explains how to adapt samples so that an area within them continuously loops to allow for sustained playback, as well as how to integrate an existing ‘HALion’ Granular Synth preset and strip it down so that it can be used in your own multi-program.

If you’re new to HALion 5 and want to make your own sounds and presets, this is the series to watch. Check out “HALion 5 – From Scratch to PTCH” today.

Product Highlights

12 tutorials / 1hr 9min total runtime
For all beginner HALion 5 users.
Tutorials written by Steinberg expert Mark Struthers
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod
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