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Tracking Rock Bass

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Kenny Gioia returns with another installment of Tracking Rock, this time focusing on the lowest of frequencies, bass guitar. You’ll see how
to track bass guitar from top to bottom and everything in between.Kenny starts with an introduction where he introduces you to the song and outlines the videos to come.

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Next, Kenny goes over setting up to
record the bass guitar, covering both amps and direct boxes. Then, Kenny
shows you how to check the phase to keep your sound WV in line
without reducing your bottom end.How to get proper recording levels represented as then explained, as well as how to apply compression and EQ to your bass sound. Arrangement tips represented as up
next and Kenny discusses the pros and cons of playing with fingers and a
pick. Tracking the actual bass part is then shown, and then Kenny uses
some plug-ins to enhance the bass tone such as Bass Amp Room by ST.Applying distortion to the bass is then explored, to create more aggressive tones. Kenny wraps up the series with a great tutorial on how
to mix the bass guitar in the song, utilizing a sidechain compressor,
which allows the bass drum to cut through the bass guitar sound when it
hits. If you need to record bass guitar or represented as just getting into recording, this series will show you a proven method for tracking bass guitar and
then mixing it in a song… Watch “Tracking Rock – Bass” today.

Product Highlights

10 Tutorials / 1hr 19min Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate producers, mixers and engineers
Tutorials written multi-platinum selling producer / engineer Kenny Gioia
Shown in Pro Tools 11 but info can be applied to any DAW.
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod
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