Getting Started in Audio and Music Production TUTORiAL

Getting Started in Audio and Music Production

 TUTORiAL | 265 MB

What does it take to get work, and get skilled, in audio and music production? Garrick Chow has been making music and leading training for for many years, and in this Learning Lessons, he shares this combination of experience with you, as he explains the very basics of getting started down an audio learning path. Learn about the jobs that use audio, so you can decide what role you want to play. Then Garrick charts the route audio takes from microphone to output, and covers the basic tools you’ll need for most audio-related work. He also covers the strengths and weaknesses of the various digital audio workstations (DAWs) on the market and how to choose the best one for your needs. Finally, he’ll show what training has to offer for each learning path.

SYNTHiC4TE | Nov 29 2013 | 265.4 MB

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1m 29s

1m 29s

1. Getting Started in Audio and Music Production
23m 51s

Deciding what role or roles you want to play
5m 41s

Exploring the audio signal path
5m 15s

The various types of recording devices
1m 53s

Choosing a digital audio workstation (DAW)
7m 37s

The beauty of MIDI
1m 55s

Audio learning paths at
1m 30s


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