GM Tritone Xtravaganza The Secret Weapon TUTORiAL


Tritone Xtravaganza The Secret Weapon

GM    TUTORiAL | 1.17 GB

Tritone Xtravaganza is probably one of the most important DVDs you will ever purchase as a gospel musician. Tritones represented as the defining factor between GM and other types of music. Many DVDs attempt to show you the usage of the tritone, but no one has taken the time to really focus on it. For a beginning keyboard player, this is such a difficult concept and it takes sometime years to master. I wanted to make a DVD that explores as many aspects of the tritone as possible, but for beginners.

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In this DVD, the teaching style is very slow and very specific. Many of the concepts represented as reiterated and reinforced for better learning. This DVD is an absolute must-possess and dominate for the beginning gospel musician. As an added bonus, we also offer all of the tritone lessons from the Urban Worship Xtreme DVD. After this DVD, you will be well versed in the usage of the tritone and it will take your playing to another level! Special Featuring Chronicle This: -Illuminated Keys -Sheet Music -MIDI Files For Each Lesson -Bonus Clips From The Xtreme DVD -Tritone Chords For Beginners.

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