GM Urban Soloing Techniques Volume 2 TUTORIAL


Urban Soloing Techniques Volume 2

GM     TUTORIAL | 1.07 GB

Urban Soloing Techniques Volume II is a continuation to our extraordinary Volume I DVD set and is slated for the intermediate player. We teach in a “shed style” manner in which we go crazy with every riff, lick, run, trick, we know, but we show you all of the chords and runs. For you gospel players, we spend a whole hour on shouting tricks in Ab to help spice up your shouting playing. For those of you craving for the hottest chops and licks, then this Volume II will definitely take your keyboard playing to another level. Phatten up your playing and take your chops to a whole other level.

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Imagine a shed session of the keyboard players jamming out with two MIDI views and two keyboard players. Then we stop and show you every single thing that we do on the keys. We always say that Soloing Techniques Volume II is an extension of the Urban Worship Xtreme, except we focus on licks, tricks, runs, and riffs.

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