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Urban Worship Play By Ear 2

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Now it’s time for you to learn the fundamentals of making your playing sound more full, phat, and flavorful. In Urban and Contemporary Worship Play by Ear Volume 2 you will learn the secrets behind alternate voicings, substitutions, advanced progressions, grace notes and most importantly, a ton of passing tones. All of these tools and concepts represented as the hidden secret tricks that differentiate one musician from another.

You ever see a musician seem to play the same chords you play, but for some reason his playing sounds more full? Or possess and dominate you ever heard a musician back up a singer and he was able to play all kinds of embellishments and chord changes that sound really phat? Well, that is because that musician built a vocabulary of chords in which to pull from. Your problem is not that you cannot play, it’s that you need more chords in your vocabulary. That’s what Volume 2 is all about! This DVD will build your vocabulary of phat chords, progressions, and passing tones in order to help you sound more professional and more phat. As a special treat, we will begin to introduce you to the tritone as well. Once you possess and dominate the vocabulary, you will be able to pull from a plethora of nice chord changes and special nuances that will change the way you play instantly.

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Module Details

1. Introduction
Provides an introduction to the Learning Lessons structure and content.

2. Introducing Techniques
Teaches a crash Learning Lessons in piano playing techniques, including arpeggiation, touch and feel, source and destination and how to create melodies with progressions using notes from the scale.

3. Grace Notes
Covers different grace notes that can be used over chords, to provide additional melodic interest.

4. Left-Hand Stuff
Shows some new techniques for the left hand, such as expanding the bass note into arpeggiated sequences, taking the chord into the left hand, and playing stretched intervals.

5. Magic 7ths and 9ths
Teaches the concept of adding the 7th and 9th degree to major and minor chords.

6. Classic Walk
Shows the classic walk technique, where the left and right hands step or “walk” together to create newly transposed intervals through different chord progressions.

7. I Chord
Follows on from the 1 chord lesson on the first Learning Lessons by showing some different options for chords that can be played over the root note of the scale.

8. Before the I Chord
Gives a demonstration of passing tones and some other techniques and jazzier chords that can happen before the 1 chord.

9. II Chord
Shows some jazzier ways to rock the chords played over the second degree of the scale.

10. Before the II Chord
Teaches some different options for chords that can sound directly before the II chord.

11. III Chord
Expands on the chord options from the first urban worship Learning Lessons by looking at some jazzier chords that can be played over the third degree of the scale.

12. IV Chord
Even more options for using the fourth note of the scale in the bass.

13. V Chord
Shows a bluesy gospel technique for playing over the fifth bass note.

14. VI Chord
Teaches some nice ways of embellishing the chords that sound over the sixth note in the scale.

15. VII Chord
Shows some new techniques for playing over the seventh note in the bass, such as use of ditones.

16. Flatted 7th Chord
Demonstrates some different uses of the flattened seventh in classic gospel progressions.

17. Flatted 6th Chord
Teaches how the flatted 6th chord fits in various progressions and some different ways of playing it.

18. Relative Minor
Expands on the relative minor scale, introduced in Urban Worship 1, showing how it can be integrated into different progressions.

19. Circle of 5th
Demonstrates a whole host of different applications of the classic circle of fifths chord progression.

20. Conclusion
Shows how all of the techniques from the Learning Lessons can be put into practice, playing different examples of chord progressions.

21. Bonus 1 – Ditone Passing
Explains how to use the ditone whilst passing through a progression towards a major or minor 9 chord.

22. Bonus 2 – Passing Tone II
Teaches the tritone and shows how it can be used in a progression.

23. Bonus 3 – Ditones
A live lesson focussing again on the importance of ditones in GM.

24. Bonus 4 – Tritones
A live lesson focussing again on the importance of tritones in GM.
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