Grossman Guitar Workshop John Miller Country Blues Musicianship 2013 TUTORIAL

Grossman Guitar Workshop John Miller Country Blues Musicianship


Beginning to build a repertoire of songs that you can play comfortably is the first important step in getting started in the Country Blues. But once you’ve got that repertoire-building process started, it can be enormously helpful to become acquainted with the Blues in a more general, less song-specific way, learning the various stylistic pathways that enable experienced blues players who have never met or played together before to sit down and make music together. When you see that happen, it seems like magic, but it’s really just a matter of their knowing and understanding the language of the blues. In this 2-DVD lesson, master musician and teacher John Miller provides you with a thorough background in the musical language of the Blues, providing you with the tools that, with work and practice, will enable you to be a more complete musician – one who is able to: recognize the form and know the progression after playing through it once or twice; join in at jam sessions; provide chordal accompaniment and “play time”, and know where to play fills without clashing with the vocal

Publisher: SGGW | English | 1.19GB | MKV | 11 Pages | ISBN: B00DYS7KJ4
MPG2, 720×480, 30.0fps | AC-3, 256.0kbps, 48.0kHz 32bit, 2 channels

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–Country Blues Lessons Include;
8, 12, 16 Bar Blues
I, IV, V Chords
Arranging A Tune
And More!


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