Introduction to Electronic Music Production with Ableton TUTORiAL

Introduction to Electronic Music Production with Ableton


Are you a fan of electronic music and want to learn to create it? Maybe you’re a musician who’d like to learn a little more about production. Whatever the case, this comprehensive course has you covered. Using Ableton Live as a medium, you’ll learn fundamental production skills that can be carried through to future projects and applied to all genres of music.

The course offers both theoretical AND practical teachings, both combined logically. If you’re looking for something comprehensive yet easy to understand, at an unbeatable price – then this is for you.

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In this course we cover a few things, including:

Ableton Basics (how to use it, etc)
MIDI and Samples
Drums (drum samples, programming, examples)
Bass (the importance of bass, programming, examples)
Synths and Leads (basic theory, melody, simple sound design)
Sound Design (basic synthesis, tricks and tips)
Arrangement (putting our song together)
EQ and basic mixing

By the end of this course, you’ll have your very own song to take away. In addition to that, you’ll have enough knowledge to go ahead and produce your very own unique song.

How long will this course take to complete?

This is a fairly comprehensive course that will take a number of hours to complete. Most people finished the FL Studio course in less than two weeks.

Course Structure

This course is structured in a unique way due to the song creation process. I’ve organized everything to be in the most effective logical order to grasp understanding of each section.

Why take this course?

You might be wondering why you’d pay real money for this course when there’s thousands of videos on Youtube.

The fact is, there’s few people offering complete and comprehensive courses of this nature. There’s nothing wrong with learning from YouTube, and there is some great content out there. If you want to learn the practical way, then I recommend taking this course.


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