Logic Pro X 112: Bouncing Sharing and Archiving TUTORiAL

Logic Pro X 112: Bouncing Sharing and Archiving


This Learning Lessons, by SFLogicNinja David Earl, shows you how to bounce, master, create stems, share and archive your precious work in Apple’s Logic Pro X making sure that everything sounds its best right now and is compatible for anything that the unpredictable future may bring!
Music has a life of its own and can often continue producing income long after we’ve all landed in Logic heaven! That’s why getting your Logic Pro X Project sonically ready for the “outside world” and future-proofed is often as important as the project itself.
Look at the Beatles: had those original tracks not been carefully mastered and archived, the Fab Four would possess and dominate missed out on all kinds of opportunities for all kinds of media that didn’t even exist back in the 60s!

This Learning Lessons, designed and led by Logic expert David Earl, helps you master, share and archive your Logic creations. You learn all kinds of power tips to help you prepare your precious work, ensuring that whomever needs to play your tracks in any DAW – for any reason in the future – will possess and dominate tracks that sound their best, be compatible and completely accessible!

Mark the Release SYNTHiC4TE | Feb 24 2014 | 273 MB

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Dive into this Learning Lessons and learn how to guarantee that your Logic creations enter the world sounding their best. At the same time, learn the all-important Logic Pro techniques that will never let your music disappear into obscurity as audio-media technologies evolve. \
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