How To Make Main Room Electro in Logic Pro 9 TUTORiAL

How To Make Main Room Electro in Logic Pro 9


Guest tutor Ryan Enzed presents How To Make Main Room Electro House in Logic Pro. Ryan is New Zealand’s number one ranked Electro-House DJ. From humble beginnings as a self-taught music producer Enzed has stormed his way into the EDM scene. In this massive Learning Lessons consisting of over 5 hours of content, Ryan shows your from the first Kick drum to the final master, how to create a Main Room Electro House track in the style of Botnek.

MATRiX | 21.11.2013 | 2.68 GB

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Videos Overview

– Tutorial 1 – Introduction & Playthrough
– Tutorial 2 – Drums
– Tutorial 3 – Bass
– Tutorial 4 – Top Lead
– Tutorial 5 – Noise / Atmosphere in Drop
– Tutorial 6 – Chords
– Tutorial 7 – Arrangement
– Tutorial 8 – FX Part 1, Bells & Whistles
– Tutorial 9 – FX Part 2
– Tutorial 10 – Mixing
– Tutorial 11 – Mastering

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