Mike Campese Creative Speed-building picking techniques TUTORIAL

Mike Campese Creative Speed-building picking techniques


MIKE CAMPESE is back with his second CFH release “CREATIVE SPEED-BUILDING PICKING TECHNIQUES”. In this 55 minute video Mike will show you over 50 examples to allow you to become an incredibly clean and precise speed-picker (click here for a sample clip). This CD ROM covers single-string and multiple-string licks, string skipping, intervallic lines, sweep picking, chordal picking, shred licks, and an excerpt from Paganini’s Caprice #16. Mike also demonstrates creative ways to develop your own patterns and scales, as well as shows how to play many examples from several of his own compositions.

English | 27 pages | PDF + VIDEO | 179 Mb

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Included is a special bonus “performance section” with Mike shredding up two complete songs from his CDs. Either watch the entire 55 minute video or use the “Direct Access” menu to access individual examples. Also featured on the accompanying CD ROM is the 27 page “MC2.pdf” file containing the “MIKE CAMPESE: CREATIVE SPEED-BUILDING PICKING TECHNIQUES” lesson notation/tab…all presented thru a browser-based interface which allows instant access to all ROM features.

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