Mixing Jazz Fusion TUTORiAL

Mixing Jazz Fusion


Multi-Platinum Engineer and Producer Kenny Gioia returns with an all-new mixing series, this time showing you how to mix a Jazz Fusion song. Watch Kenny mold the mix from a raw rough mix into a release-ready diamond.
Kenny begins by welcoming you and playing the before and after mixes of the song “Salt Peter” by NYC based Jazz Fusion group Handball. Before getting down to work, watch Kenny organize the session by renaming and coloring tracks, cleaning up audio, and adding markers to the session. Kenny then gets a quick basic mix going while applying Master Buss FX and EQ, to continually hone the mixing process.

Now it’s time to dive into the drums. Kenny starts with the Overhead and Room Mics, then works on the Kick and Snare, all while sharing great tips and techniques for making the drums sound awesome. Moving on, Kenny tackles the Guitars beginning with the Bass. See how he works with EQ and Compression and sends it to many tracks to create a unique sound, while adding clarity.

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From here it’s on to the guitars. First focusing on the intro guitar and adding amp and cabinet simulators to re-create and sculpt the sound of a real amp. Next, Kenny focuses on to the main lead melody Guitar which plays off the Sax, as he finds a unique place for each of them in the stereo field creating a “sound”. After getting all the guitars sitting nicely in the mix, Kenny works on the Sax which appears in a few different sections, treating each instance differently with unique processing.

Wrapping it all up, Kenny adds Panning and EQ to the Guitar chords that play during the Sax solo sections before tackling the Guitar solo. Kenny again adds guitar amp simulators to the Guitar solo, but does it a bit differently this time by including the direct sound along with EQ. Throughout the whole song a Fender Rhodes comps chords which Kenny finds a unique effect for, while also creating a psychedelic tape echo effect for the ending of the song.

Finally, after all the tracks are working together, Kenny automates them so they gel together in the mix and create interesting transitions when moving from section to section. If you record and mix Jazz Fusion, or any other type of instrumental music, check out “Mixing Jazz Fusion” today and see how to make your instrumental mixes sing!

Product Highlights
17 Tutorials /2hrs 33min Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate mixers, producers and engineers
Tutorials written multi-platinum selling mixer / engineer Kenny Gioia
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod
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