Mixing and Mastering Online Course with Jake Perrine TUTORiAL

Mixing and Mastering Online Course with Jake Perrine


10+ hours of instructional videos and materials(over three weeks).
9 hours of live, fully interactive question & answer periods (Q&A Sessions will be recorded so you can refer back to them anytime)
The Ableton Live set files used in the instructional material so you can easily follow along and refer back to them when it is over
Real-world applicable knowledge and techniques for improving your mixing and mastering.

Mixing and Mastering are equal parts technical skill and artistic finesse – and you need to develop both to achieve top-tier results. Picking up where Vesper’s Audio Weapons track building webinar series left off, this online workshop will explore the art and science of the mixing and mastering process to finish this track.

March 26 2014 | 5.87GB

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The Curriculum:
The curriculum is broken down into 12 parts….

Preparing to Mix: A look at the tools you will need to make a good mix, including your mix room, monitors, sound cards, your ears, and much more.
An In-Depth Discussion on “Translation”: How to make mixes that sound good on every system.
The Mix Concept: Focusing your mix’s goals so you have a destination in mind as you mix.
The Six Dimensions of a Mix: Understanding the various dimensions of a mix and the tools used to work with them.
Mixing in Live: Ableton Live specific concepts and workflows for using Live to its fullest sound quality.
Gain Stages: Efficiently managing gain throughout your Live Set from Clip Gain to Master Output.
Metering: Understanding what the pretty lights are telling you!.
Plugins: Theory and practice for use on Tracks, Groups, Returns and the Master.
Export your Mix: Now that it sounds good, what do I do?
Mastering: What is it, and what isn’t it? Do I need it, and how do I do it?.
Mastering with Ozone 5: Single track vs. an entire album/release.
Example Track: Working directly on a track to illustrate all these concepts.

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