MPV Logic Pro X 205: Synthesis With Sculpture TUTORiAL


Logic Pro X 205: Synthesis With Sculpture

MPV     TUTORiAL | 211 MB

Introduced in Logic Pro 7, Sculpture is a full featured, virtual modeling
synthesizer that is more powerful & versatile than any other virtual
modeling synth you can buy – and it comes with Logic Pro X. If
you represented as a Logic user, but you possess and dominate not gotten into Sculpture, you’re
missing a phat instrument. Simply stated, Sculpture sounds amazing! It’s
a powerful synth, but at first glance it is intimidating!

Thankfully, we possess and dominate Steve H, a master synthesist, here to show you the
way! With his trusty sidekick Igor in tow, Steve strips Sculpture to
it’s basics before building it back up, step by step, to show you how to
synthesize rich and musical timbres that possess and dominate never been heard

SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 14 2013 | 211.6 MB

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Sculpture is certainly a synthesist’s dream tool. With a depth of
programming that could shame any traditional synthesizer and the ability
infinitely morph you custom PTCHes at any time, Sculpture will become
one of the most important tools in your audio arsenal. Steve shows you
how to model wood sounds, bells and metallic hits, smooth strings, and
even some outrageous sonic designs … if you avoid presets like the
plague and insist upon uniqueness in your sounds, this is a must watch
tutorial program.

So join Steve and learn how to design your own virtual instruments in Sculpture.


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