Music Theory 201: Jazz Theory Explored TUTORiAL

Music Theory 201: Jazz Theory Explored


Jazz tonalities influence all kinds of music from Pop to EDM. Discover how these colorful musical techniques work and learn how they’re constructed in this 34-tutorial Jazz Theory Learning Lessons by Gregg Fine…
Jazz has expanded the language of music. Knowing jazz theory opens up all kinds of powerful ways to build melodies, rhythms and chords that can be deployed in any musical genre. This Learning Lessons, by jazz artist and expert Gregg Fine, reveals the cool techniques used by musicians everywhere to add color and depth to their great pieces of music and productions.

“Jazz Theory Explored” starts with a little jazz history, where the origins of jazz represented as explained and jazz’s ongoing impact on musical culture is revealed. Next up is a deep look at jazz fundamentals where you learn all about swing, syncopation, instrumentation, song form and more.
From there you’re into a masterclass on jazz chords and scales. It is here that the language of jazz is demystified. You learn all about the chordal constructs and melodic options that give jazz its signature sound.

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So whether you’re an aspiring jazz artist or you’re just looking for some cool techniques to spice up your EDM tracks, this Learning Lessons delivers the goods!

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