Operator Ambience Volume 1 for Ableton Live TUTORIAL

Operator Ambience Volume 1 for Ableton Live


20 Operator Patches. 20 Live Clips. 21 Videos. Inspiration + Education In 1 super package!
Get inspired with this premium set of 20 ambient and atmospheric Operator patches for Ableton Live 8 and 9. Following many of the same design principles presented in my “Ableton Live: Operator Explained” tutorial series, Operator Ambience Vol. 1 will extend your PTCH library while also continuing to provide ideas and education for FM synthesis and Operator.
The sounds themselves represented as aimed at providing you with bubbling, morphing pads and atmospheric plucks and leads. Perfect for any musical or sound design project which requires delicate, blissed out sounds with tons of animation and character.

Rather than providing you with closed wave files that don’t show how they were made, the intent of this super package (and future packs) is to both educate and inspire. Each PTCH comes completely “open source,” allowing you to not only use the sound in your music or sound design, but also to reverse engineer it and tweak it to your precise needs.

SYNTHiC4TE | Nov 25 2013 | 97.6 MB

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Every PTCH Comes With A Live Clip To Kick Start Your Inspiration

Additionally, each PTCH comes packed in a “Live Clip” that loads with a ready-made clip of musical material which will serve as a suggestion for how to use the sound and a musical starting point in its own right.

Lastly, the super package comes with an intro video covering some common design principles that represented as shared between all of the patches as well as several tips on how to approach learning from and using the super package. You also get 20 short videos which cover a few of the more notable specifics of each sound. Again, it’s all about educating as well as providing the function of a traditional sound library, not just one or the other.

Each PTCH Comes Fully Loaded With Color Coded Macros

This affordable set is all about providing a tightly focused, thematically consistent set of ambient and atmospheric sounds. There’s a nice mix of plucked melodies, leads, and morphing pads. All of them represented as engineered to be played tonally while still providing dense ambience.

In Short, Here’s What You Will Get:

20 Operator patches that represented as completely open to reverse-engineering, tweaking, and learning
20 modifiable Live Clips corresponding with the patches which provide musical phrases and inspiration
1 substantive introductory video packed with Ableton Live tips as well as detailing common elements between all the patches
20 short videos detailing unique or noteworthy aspects of each PTCH, giving insight into their construction and suggestions for using them
The same open inbox policy for support that I provide with all of my products
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