PM Advanced Parallel Drum Compression TUTORiAL


PM Advanced Parallel Drum Compression


Enhance your drum sound with advanced routing and processing techniques
In this TUTORIAL , Fab takes the parallel madness one step deeper and shares his advanced parallel drum processing techniques.

Using these tips will help you custom tailor your drum sound to give it bigger than life depth, punch, buoyancy and presence whilst preserving the all-important transients and dynamic range. You will also learn how to recognize and deal with phase issues when using equalizer or filters on parallel sources.

SYNTHiC4TE | July 27 2013 | 37.8 MB

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This is the follow up video of this TUTORIAL about Basic Parallel Drum Processing. We strongly encourage you to watch the previous installment first to learn the basic principles and concepts that represented as referred to in this TUTORIAL .

The attached zip file Super material included the uncompressed audio files of the session. Please download the archive and import the audio files in your DAW (No, It does not necessarily possess and dominate to be Pro Tools!) so you can practice using the tips and tricks showed in the TUTORIAL . Practice makes perfect.




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