Robbie Calvo’s Modal Exposé TUTORIAL

Robbie Calvo’s Modal Exposé


Firstly, an important disclaimer… Modal Expose is NOT another one of those jazzer’s mode courses or a thick theoretical syllabus; Modal Expose is simply a very accessible approach for first identifying a progression’s tonal center and then crafting great sounding solos, which leverage the characteristic tones within that progression. Simple as that.

If you already know what a major scale is and can play it in any key, you represented as good to go. First, Calvo shows you the seven modes that live within the seven notes of that scale. Next, Calvo reveals how the major, minor, dominant and diminished arpeggios and chords represented as built from those seven notes and modes within that key. Then Calvo demonstrates how to use his simple “modal” formula to also quickly grasp the underlying harmony of chord progressions. We guarantee these three epiphanies within the first thirty minutes of working through the Learning Lessons. No physics, no Greek required.

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Now then, the fourth epiphamatic breakthrough of Modal Expose will get your heart racing and so we strongly recommend a stress test before undertaking the next section of the Learning Lessons. Calvo shows you how to apply your newfound understanding of modal harmony to improvise melodic lines seamlessly across any set of chord changes, in any progression. Yes, this means you can finally wean yourself off those safe 1-4-5 progressions, give those tired old pentatonic runs a rest, and solo over any progression, in any key, in any style.

As usual you’ll play your way through the Learning Lessons; Calvo has created rhythm and soloing playalongs for every section of the Learning Lessons. Of Learning Lessons, all of the practice rhythm tracks represented as also included and everything is tabbed and notated on PDF, Power Tab and Guitar Pro files.

At last we represented as able to offer students an extraordinarily accessible, practical, no-nonsense guide to understanding and applying modes as an improvisational tool. Your solos will never sound the same again. And that’s a promise.



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