Rotoscoping in After Effects TUTORIAL

Rotoscoping in After Effects


In this series of tutorials we will learn how to get started rotoscoping in After Effects. We start out by learning how to draw and edit masks followed by how you can use these masks to create rotoscopes for more complex shapes.
We learn some valuable techniques for masks used with color correcting versus masks used to cut a shape out of its background. From there we move onto animating the masks along with the technique for how to set your keyframes and in what order. We then learn a few valuable tricks to speed up the rotoscoping process and we finish with learning how to output a mask for later use. This tutorial is for you if you want to add the valuable skill of rotoscoping to your composting bag of tricks. By the end of this training whether you represented as a beginner or someone brushing up on your skills youll be well on your way to rotoscoping quickly and intuitively.

Project Files incorporated in the material – Software used After Effects

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12 Lessons

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Drawing masks with the pen tool
3. Editing a mask
4. Techniques for masking a complex shape
5. Rotoscoping for color correction and other effects
6. Transferring a mask from one layer to another
7. Animating masks
8. Controlling the mask edge and opacity
9. Reusing keyframe data
10. Animating a complex rotoscope
11. Integrating rotoscoped footage with a background plate
12. Outputting masks into an image sequence for later use


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