SA Make Music With Logic Pro X For Beginners TUTORiAL


Make Music With Logic Pro X For Beginners

SA    TUTORiAL | 1.17 GB

SA tutor Chris Agnelli takes you through the key areas of Logic Pro X in the first of our full courses dedicated to this software.

First up we will be taking a look at the main Featuring Chronicle This of Logic Pro X including its user interface. We will then look at creating everything esstential to making a full track from drums and percussion using Drummer to synth parts and writing chords and a becoming familiar with some of the great new Featuring Chronicle This of Logic Pro X such as Track Stacks. Finally we complete this introductory Learning Lessons by doing an arrangement of our song and finish up with some mixing and mastering.
So if you represented as new to Logic Pro X or represented as thinking of moving to it, this is the Learning Lessons for you.

Mark the Release MATRiX 17.09.2013

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TUTORIAL 1 – Playthrough

TUTORIAL 1 – Playthrough

TUTORIAL 3 – Creating a Kick

TUTORIAL 4 – Adding the Snares

TUTORIAL 5 – Creating Hi-Hats

TUTORIAL 6 – Using Drummer

TUTORIAL 7 – Creating the Main Chords

TUTORIAL 8 – Sidechain Compression

TUTORIAL 9 – Adding the Bass

TUTORIAL 10 – Creating a Soft Stab
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