Samplitude Fundamentals Tutorial Videos

Samplitude Fundamentals

 Tutorial Videos

Fundamentals Part 01 (Length: 04:22)
Creating a project folder, setting up a new project (VIP), project options
Fundamentals Part 02 (Length: 05:50)
Audio/System options, Audio devices, MIDI devices, VST plug-in path, saving templates
Fundamentals Part 03 (Length: 10:11)
Preparing to record MIDI, project tempo, grid and marker bar, ranges and mouse modes, metronome setup, record MIDI HiHats, drum editor basics, record kick and snare, play clicked notes, nudge MIDI events, track name and object colors
Fundamentals Part 04 (Length: 09:38)
Recording synth, track freeze, volume fader settings, hiding tracks, adding AUX busses, mixer basics, adding Variverb, audio options, extended options, playback options
Fundamentals Part 05 (Length: 09:42)
Recording bass, split/duplicate objects, mute MIDI notes, pitchshift/timestretch mousemode, recording percussion track, audio quantize basics, adding Ecox delay
Fundamentals Part 06 (Length: 08:20)
Resize object/fades, visualization, master plug-ins overview, burning an audio CD, waveform color, Comparasonics
Fundamentals Part 07 (Length: 09:12)
Audio export management, export wave project, VIP audio export, exporting a range, track bouncing options, multitrack bounce scenario, preparing files for FTP transfer, Samplitude file types, zipping files, DVD/CD data backup
Fundamentals Part 08 (Length: 06:29)
Bouncing selected objects, gluing objects, toolbars and icons, freeze vs. gluing, track freeze, object freeze, gluing multiple objects, glue selected objects
Fundamentals Part 09 (Length: 08:18)
What’s a VIP, saving VIPs, project status, save complete VIP in, removing unused samples, deleting freeze data, collecting project files, save project as EDL, Video Pro X, saving sessions

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