Synth Programming: Beyond the Basics with Scott Hirsch TUTORiAL

Synth Programming: Beyond the Basics with Scott Hirsch


Up your levels. Move beyond the basics of sound synthesis, in this course with musician Scott Hirsch. These advanced tutorials explore the inner workings of familiar synth programming techniques, as well as a few alternatives for pushing your sound further. Scott builds from modular-component synthesis to other types of synthesis, including frequency-modulation (FM) synthesis, modeling synthesis, and vocoding techniques. The course finishes up with a series of tutorials on creating new sounds, including a classic vocoder effect, big moving basslines, evocative percussion patterns, and rich synth pads.

Note: Scott uses a combination of Ableton Live, NI software, and Logic Pro in these movies, but you can easily re-create the techniques in the DAW of your choice. The specific synths used include NI Massive; Logic’s ES2, EFM1, and Sculpture plugins, and the EVOC 20 PS vocoder synth; and Ableton Live’s Collision and Operator.

Sept 05 2014 | 564 MB

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4m 3s
1. Beyond the Basics
43m 48s
2. Further Synth Possibilities
31m 16s
3. Making New Sounds: Tutorials
34m 48s

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