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Synthesis 2


For Synthesis 2, we discuss the sound design aspects of frequency modulation and how it is can be used to create a vast array of complex evolving timbres.
Lets face it, FM synthesis is often viewed as one of the more complex areas of synthesis but it has recently grown to become one of the most creative forms too. Offering more sonic capabilities than subtractive synthesis, Frequency Modulation has become a preferable alternative to subtractive for many musicians and sound designers who want to introduce a larger sound palette into their work and productions. For Synthesis 2 video tutorial, we forget the math and show you in a practical way how to employ it to design sounds..

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Frequency Modulation Demystified

Unlike Subtractive Synthesis, the theory of frequency modulation can be initially difficult to relate to the sonic results and therefore for this release we’re mixing a sessions volume with synthesis 2.

Starting with Sessions 07: a complete tutorial on the Native Instruments FM8 – the most influential and popular FM synthesizer currently available – we introduce and decipher the bewildering array of parameters on offer to relate each parameter to the theory of frequency modulation.

After Sessions, we then move onto Frequency Modulation Synthesis and discuss the principle and practice of Sound Design using this form of synthesis. Using FFT analysis and oscilloscopes, we begin by explaining the basic principles of harmonics before moving on to discuss sound design within FM.

We show the practical applications of programming sound in Frequency Modulation by walking through and designing a multitude of different timbres, growing ever more complex as we progress. Although all of the examples are programmed on the NI FM8, these techniques can be translated to any capable Frequency Modulation synthesizer.


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