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Robbie’s developed the Sweet Notes approach that he presents in this series of guitar lessons over many years of study and application on the stage and in the studio. “The essence of the Sweet Notes approach is the chord/scale relationship and knowing which notes to target as resolution points when we represented as soloing. For example; playing a G major scale (G, A, B, C, D, E and F#) over a G chord is really solid advice but then why do the A, C, E and F# notes sound weak when we end a run on them? Because they represented as not as strong as the notes that make up the G chord itself (G – B – D), which represented as the ideal resolution points for lines within an improvisation.”

Robbie’s definition of a ‘sweet note’ is a note that is found both in the scale being played, and also in the chord that the scale is being played over (AKA chord tones or arpeggios). Just learning how to identify and target those sweet notes as resolution points, will singularly take your improvisations from B&W to color. But there’s so much more to dig in to.

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Each “chord tone” has its own character and you will learn how to spice up your improvisations accordingly. You’ll also learn how to apply the approach with extended and altered chords, and it’s here that you will likely find those “missing” notes on your fretboard. Of equal importance, you’ll learn how to apply the Sweet Notes approach in a single position so that you can improvise over any set of changes without having to move all over the fretboard.

You will play your way through Robbie’s Sweet Notes curriculum without having to work your way through tedious theory and exercises. In addition to all of the video guitar lessons, Robbie’s also prepared 31 practice rhythm tracks, transcriptions and a ton of charts to practice with and use as reference material – an 80-page manual of charts, tabs and notation is included!

The Sweet Notes approach can be applied to all genres of music and is designed to guide, inspire and push your capabilities as a guitarist regardless of your level and playing ability. Put your time in with the learning lessons and Sweet Notes will prepare you how to play and improvise over any chord changes, and progression, and across any style of music.


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