TUTS-Dubstep Production Techniques by Dodge and Fuski TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Dubstep Production Techniques by Dodge and Fuski


With numerous consecutive number 1 spots in the Beatport Dubstep chart, there’s no denying that Dodge and Fuski are one of the biggest names in electronic music, rocking dancefloors worldwide with their devastating beats. In this new online course from Producertech, you’re invited into the studio to see exactly how that signature sound is created. The 2-part set of tutorials guides you through the process of producing a Dubstep anthem, describing each of the elements in a track and how they’re combined and laid out to form a successful arrangement.

The first part of the course walks through brand new single ‘Killer Bees’, just released on Disciple Recordings, enabling you to listen to each part of the track individually and understand the reasons for including them and the treatment required to make them sit well in the mix. There’s also an analysis of the arrangement and a breakdown of each section, explaining the evolution of the track and how it was conceived.
The second set of tutorials applies all of these techniques and more into creating a basic Dubstep arrangement from scratch, including the laying out and processing of beats, creation of the bassline, sound design and application of FX layers and builds – which are woven together into a simple song structure. Although the tracks are made in Cubase, the techniques can be easily applied to any music making platform, so the course is suitable for anyone, regardless of DAW preference.

SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 02 2014 | 460.1 MB

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After signing up, the tutorials are available to watch immediately, along with a 150MB bonus download pack of Dubstep samples. For more information, check out the course trailer and the free sample module below.

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