TUTS-EDM Production Techniques Extreme Sound Mangling-ELOHiM

EDM Production Techniques Extreme Sound Mangling


Make your EDM tracks stand out. Ditch the canned sounds and learn how to add texture, sheen, and movement to your productions with these extreme sound-mangling techniques, which are based on J. Scott G’s production and remix experience with artists like Adam Lambert, Shiny Toy Guns, Madonna, and David Bowie. He’ll show you how to create and tweak sounds with vocoders; faders, flangers, and chorus effects; reverb and delay; EQ and filters; distortion; time stretching; and glitches and granular synthesis. The final bonus chapter digs into the loops included with J. Scott’s Twisted System sample pack, which comes free with the exercise files for this course. These techniques are both practical and inspirational, providing tools for creating new sounds and ideas for making electronic dance music that sounds even more creative and unique.

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Note: This course was recorded in Ableton Live, but the tutorials can be used with any digital audio workstation.

Topics include:

* Working with vocoders
* Shifting pitch and frequency
* Creating drama with EQ and filters
* Time stretching
* Enhancing harmonic content with distortion
* Adding movement with flange effects
* Applying reverb and delay
* Creating rhythmic effects with glitches and stutters

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