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Kontakt Scripting Lesson 1


In this set of tutorial videos David Healey will introduce you to the wonderful world of Kontakt scripting. There are over four hours of video, during which you will becomes familiar with the basic principles of computer programming. Not only will you attain a good knowledge in Kontakt scripting but you’ll also gain an overview of general programming practices that can be applied to almost any programming language.
This is the first lesson in a series of four and it is aimed at the absolute beginner. If you have never written a line of code before and the words variables, callbacks, data types, functions, and loops mean nothing to you, then this is the lesson for you. During the videos we will build a strong foundation in Kontakt scripting from which you will be able to progress easily to the other lessons in this series.

Each lesson is standalone (there is a little bit of overlap) you don’t need to have seen any of the others to be able to follow along, although as you progress from lesson one to four it is expected that your base level of knowledge regarding Kontakt scripting is higher. All the lessons are in the form of a practical exercise, taking you from start to finish in the creation of a Kontakt sample library.
It is expected in this lesson that you have a reasonable understanding of MIDI and how it is used with Kontakt, and that you are able to set up Kontakt and use it with virtual instruments.

SYNTHiC4TE | April 15 2015 | 641 MB

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The instrument we will build in this lesson is a simple drum kit using samples from Nicholas Signat’s Alive Underground Drums sample library.

Some of the topics we’re going to cover in this lesson include:

Introduction and overview of Kontakt scripting
All the basics and fundamentals of the Kontakt scripting language
Control statements
Importing and organising samples within Kontakt
Scripted and unscripted round robin repetitions
Handling multiple dynamic layers
Release triggers

As well as the included videos you will get everything else you need – except Kontakt – to complete the virtual instrument shown in this lesson.

The download package includes:

11 MP4 lesson videos with a total running time of over 4hrs
1 special feature video discussing the Alive Underground Drums sample library (also available free on YouTube)
An instrument wallpaper/skin in png and psd format
30 Samples in Kontakt’s NCW format
A sample map text document showing how the samples are to be mapped inside Kontakt – How to do this is demonstrated in the videos.

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