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Mixing a Hip Hop Song


Are you feeling stuck, frustrated and wondering if you’re ever going to be able to create that professional sound?
We Will Help You Succeed
With over 25 years of servicing some of the biggest bands in the world, we will walk you through a professional hip hop mixing session and show you exactly what we did from start to finish. On top of that we’ll give you the session so you can work along side the instructor and practice. Its hands down the BEST way to improve your mixes.
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SYNTHiC4TE | Nov 20 2014 | 370.2 MB

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By the end of this course you’ll be able to

Efficiently set up your session to maximize your creativity during the mix.
Build a solid foundation with the rhythm section then work backwards from the vocals.
Use EQ to balance the frequencies so your mixes sound full and balanced.
Choose how much and what kind of compression to use so all the pieces of your mix stay exactly where you want them.
Use compression to add excitement and punch to your drums.
Use effects to create cohesive spaces for the elements in the mix.
Make your mixes sound more professional and polished with editing effects.
Bounce your final mix to a stereo file.

Topics covered in this class

Mixing through a compressor
EQ, compression and saturation FX on individual channels and busses
Reverb, delay and other time based FX
EQ and compression to help the vocals to sit on top of the mix
Mixing Male vocals
Mixing Female vocals
EQ and FX on vocal ins and outs and ad-libs
Getting the Bass and kick to knock and work together
Using automation to add excitement
Using automation to guide the listener’s attention
Mixing vocals into an already mixed beat
Adding production value with stutters and slow downs and other FX

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