TUTS-Premiere Pro Guru: Audio Finishing Techniques TUTORiAL

Premiere Pro Guru: Audio Finishing Techniques


Finishing is something every video project can benefit from. In this installment of Premiere Pro Guru, Robbie Carman guides editors through practical techniques for finishing the audio side of a video project, using Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. He covers using track-level vs. clip-level controls, mastering the audio mixers, using submixes and automation modes, working with audio effects, reducing noise and restoring sound with Adobe Audition, and outputting audio from Premiere Pro. This course includes everything you need to know about mixing and sweetening audio yourself and handing off tracks to others to finesse.

27.02.2015 | 2.39 GB

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Topics include:

* Working with others
* Exporting audio tracks and video references
* Keyframing clip and track properties
* Using Premiere Pro’s mixers
* Adding effects with compression, gain, normalization, and EQ
* Fixing audio issues with Audition
* Making your audio broadcast-legal
* Outputting stems

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