TUTS-Up and Running with Maschine 2 with JK Swopes TUTORiAL

Up and Running with Maschine 2 with JK Swopes


Maschine bridges the gap between controller and DAW, combining hardware and software in one connected package. In this course, JK “saintjoe” Swopes—the producer, educator, and man behind MaschineTutorials.com—shows you how to get started creating your own beats, hooks, and harmonies with Maschine

JK demonstrates how to set up Maschine and its many plugins and preferences, and then load the sounds, samples, and instruments you’ll use to make your music. Next, he explores creating and recording patterns, using the mixer, and applying effects to sounds, groups, and the master bus. The course wraps up with a look at arranging, saving, and exporting your songs.

Dec 19 2014 | 1.12 GB

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#Samples #Audio #Production #Beats #Sounds #ProAudioz

Topics include:

Configuring Maschine’s preferences and settings
Loading sounds
Recording and editing samples
Recording patterns
Adding effects
Recording automation
Building a song with scenes
Saving a Maschine project
Exporting to WAV files

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