TUTS-Sound Design With Maschine Drum Synths TUTORIAL

Sound Design With Maschine Drum Synths


Maschine is an awesome tool for improvising a groove and can make for an impressive live performance but its often overlooked as a powerful drum synth its own right.

Maschine’s six drum synths can create pretty much any drum sound you’re chasing right from the hardware. Whether you need an acoustic sounding kick or perfect electro clap – Forget trawling your sound libraries for that perfect hi-hat or snare – get the skills to create the perfect sound for your productions and create music that is truly original!

20-08-2015 | 2.8 GB

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14 videos divided into two practical modules totalling more than 2 hours of detailed instruction. This course covers everything from the basics of each drum plug-in and how to design drums hits, to processing your drums using Maschine’s vast array of plugins and great tips for using these drum synths with your DAW.

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