TUTS-Special FX Sound Design in Logic Pro 10.2 / Alchemy TUTORIAL

Special FX Sound Design in Logic Pro 10.2 / Alchemy


Special FX are essential to keeping your grooves from getting repetative. Learn how FX can be used for smoothing out transitions between sections of your arrangments and introducing new elements into your track.
This course is made using Logic 10.2, making full use of the stunning new synth Alchemy. However if you don’t have Logic or Alchemy nearly everything you learn can be applied in your own favourite DAW or synth.

From scratch we’ll be creating from simple transitions such as reverse sounds and uplifters/downlifters plus walk through complete sound design lessons and techniques such as sweeps, automation and in-depth tricks such as using processing on delay and reverb.

09-09-2015 | 900 MB

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If you are new with FX sound design, this is the perfect place to start!

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