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Sylenth Masterclass


Echo Sound Works and ADSR presents the Sylenth Masterclass Video Tutorial. In just a little over two hours, you will literally know what every knob, slider, fader and button does. Regardless of genre, this information is invaluable for sound design. The Sylenth Masterclass is broken up into 9 parts or videos. This allows for easy access to specific topics and quick navigation.

28/12/2014 | 1.8 GB

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* Includes 10 bonus Sylenth sounds

Learn how to use Sylenth in hours not weeks

Video 1: The Main Screen
The first part in this video course covers everything you need to know to save presets, banks, load banks and presets and how to navigate the main LCD screen section in Sylenth.

Video 2: Oscillators
Learn how to use the Oscillator section in Sylenth and how they play an integral role in sound design. You will also learn how and why each waveform type in the Oscillator section sound the way they do.

Video 3: Filters
The filters in Sylenth are really it’s bread and butter. Learn how to use the filters to get different types of sounds out of them.

Video 4: Modulation Envelopes
Learn what every destination does and how to set them all up properly. If you’ve ever been confused by the modulation envelope section in Sylenth, you won’t be anymore.

Videos 5 to 9
The Sylenth Masterclass is broken up into 9 parts or videos. This allows for easy access to specific topics and quick navigation.

PART 5: Mod Env Tips
The most important part of Sylenth is the MOD ENV section. Without knowing how to properly set out modulation destinations, your sounds will never compete with the pros!

Learn how to set up and route the LFO’s in Sylenth to achieve a few different effects like wobbles and vibrato.

PART 7: Misc Envelopes
Learn how to strengthen your sounds with the Misc. Envelope section in Sylenth. This section will make more sense after Part’s 5 and 6.

PART 8: FX Part 1
Learn how to use the Arp in Sylenth. Down to every last box and tick mark. This section also covers a few more effect modules in Sylenth.

PART 8: FX Part 2
The effects are so deep in Sylenth, it took two parts. Learn how to use the Delay, Reverb, EQ and Compression modulate to supplement your sounds in Sylenth.

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