The Ultimate Mixdown Guide TUTORiAL

The Ultimate Mixdown Guide


Designed Specifically For Electronic Dance Music and Bass Music Producers.
Instead of reading some general, ‘one-size-fits-all’ book about mixdowns, that doesn’t explain how you need to EQ your basses and lead synths, or how to use reverb for a clean, dynamic mix, you can sit back and enjoy this video series which is tailored especially for producing EDM and BASS MUSIC (dubstep, drum and bass, glitch hop, neurohop, trap, electro house, etc.)

Many of the techniques I’ll show you in this course are lesser-known tips that I’ve picked up from many of the leading producers I’ve interviewed on the BassGorilla Podcast, meaning that you’re very unlikely to pick up these tips anywhere else.
One big problem which holds a lot of EDM and bass music producers back from achieving great mixdowns. There is not much in-depth help which focuses specifically on how to mix bass music and EDM, which requires a very different mixdown process to other genres of music.

22 April 2014 | 514 MB

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• Make your drums cleanly cut through the mix to drive your music
• Cleanly EQ large moving bass sounds and sub bass
• Understand exactly how to balance all of the elements in your mix
• Fully control the stereo image
• Know the best reverb and compression settings to use on your sounds for a pro-level
• Learn all this in a comfortable, easy-to-understand way that’s designed specifically for
EDM/bass music producer

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