Vienna Ensemble Pro Explained TUTORiAL

Vienna Ensemble Pro Explained


Presented by orchestral and studio wiz Eli Krantzberg, this series is the one Vienna Ensemble Pro users have been waiting for. Eli covers all the features and functions of the industry standard, world-class Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble Pro , and shows you creative ways to maximize their power and sound. If you use Vienna Ensemble Pro, this series is a must see.

Eli starts with an introduction welcoming you to the series and lays out the road ahead. Next he jumps right into installation and authorization of VEP, followed by an in-depth video covering the important basics. of Vienna Instruments. Switching between Articulations is then demonstrated followed by the powerful Slot Rack, where you’ll learn how to stack patches for a layered sound, transpose the slots individually, set independent velocity curves, adjust volume and pan settings and much more. Eli then reveals the Global Controls and how to work with Matricies, giving you complete control over the entire instrument as well as personalize the factory Epic Orchestra.

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Now Eli focuses on Vienna Ensemble Pro, including the server features , VEP Connections, the Preserve and Decouple Functions and more. Continuing on, you’ll also learn in-detail about the VEP Interface, using Ins and Outs, Sends and Busses, and Multi-Timbral mode to name just a few.

Wrapping up the series, Eli dives into the Event Input Plug-In which can be used to address multiple MIDI ports within a single VEP project, Multi-Port Automation for assigning parameters to 3rd Party plug-ins for automation and the Audio Input Plug-In for routing audio out of your sequence and in to VEP for processing on Input tracks.

Finally, Eli shows you how to setup VEP in both Logic Pro X and Pro Tools, and gives you a ton of workflow tips and keyboard shortcuts to make life with VEP creative and fast. Realize total integration with Vienna Ensemble Pro… Watch “Vienna Ensemble Pro Explained” today!



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