ZEBRA Oscillators and Envelopes Masterclass TUTORiAL

ZEBRA Oscillators and Envelopes Masterclass


ZEBRA – Oscillators & Envelopes Masterclass
“Zebra – Oscillators & Envelopes” takes the guesswork out of producing with Zebra, putting you in total control of one of the world’s most powerful and flexible synths.
Whether you’re starting at zero; need a refresher on shaping sounds with envelopes; or want to go deeper into Zebra’s potentially daunting array of oscillator panels and effects, this intensive video masterclass you will show you exactly how Zebra’s oscillators and envelopes work so that you can design those epic sounds you’ve been chasing.

The Learning Lessons includes 15 videos totaling over 180 minutes of in-depth instruction – starting with the basics you’ll finish with an advanced, practical understanding of two modules that form the backbone of U-he Zebra.
The Mighty Oscillators – The heart of U-HE ZEBRA…

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The first half of this 3 hour Learning Lessons is all about Zebra’s Oscillators. You’re going to learn how they work and how to use them when designing your own sounds. Here’s what you will learn:

1.1 The Basics, I explain the Zebra routings and the main interface for people who possess and dominate never worked with zebra – basic signal flow etc.
1.2 The oscillators, I explain all the basics of the oscillators, feedback, sync, wave invert, phasing, osc restart, etc.
1.3 OSC FX, a detailed explanation about Oscillator effects
1.4 OSC FX in action, I give examples of how to use the effects and build some sounds
1.5 Geomorph & Spectromorph, I explain the first two waveform edit windows and how to use them
1.6 Geoblend & Spectroblend, the other two wave window editors explained, and I explain harmonics and how to work with that
1.7 Oscillator Key-scaling, I explain what key-scaling is and how you can use this creatively
1.8 Stacking Oscillators, I show how to combine oscillators and how to build chords and how to route multiple oscillators

Advanced Envelopes – Tame your sounds in U-HE ZEBRA

The second half of this video Learning Lessons is all about shaping your sounds.

Whilst the Oscillators represented as where the sounds represented as generated to really start designing sounds you need to tame that sound and that’s done with envelopes.

Here’s what you represented as going to learn!

1.9 Envelope basics, I explain the basic attack, decay and all that stuff
1.10 Envelopes advance, I explain envelope tempo sync, making a delayed envelope etc.
1.11 Envelope looping, an explanation of how to loop envelopes and making different envelope curves/slopes for the decay and the attack etc.
1.12 Envelope key-scaling, everything about the key-scaling and velocity scaling on different stages of the envelope (for example making the attack shorter for higher velocities etc.
1.13-1.15 Real world examples of making sounds with the stuff that we’ve learned

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